perfect fit  |  koo junhoe ♪

perfect fit | koo junhoe ♪

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holyjunwhore. By junesaurusy_ Updated Mar 20, 2017

They hate each other.


Damn. Unfortunately, they fall in love.

"Hey bitch. What are you doing here? Perhaps, are you stalking on me? Wait, did you already fall in love with me or what, huh? " He grinned.

"Na-ahh, hell no. Haha, are you fucking kidding meh? Hell no, I'll never fall in love with you, asshole. " She said. Cocksure.

Slowly, slowly, slowly and slowly.

They fall in love towards each other.

"Just admit it bitch. You've fall for me forreal. Just tell me or else how would I even now, right? That... you have actually like me. " He smirked.

"Goddammit, please. When the heck did I say I like you huh? Hell no, nope, never. But for damn sure, I really hate you jerk. Forever. " She said while chuckled softly and pecked his nose.

"Really? Aye, I know I know. Thanks bitch, I love you too. Forever love you. " He cooed.

Then, their lips lock together.

Smiling under the kiss, their heart were overload with happiness.

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