His Demonic Bride - Zeref x OC x Rogue ( Fairy Tail )

His Demonic Bride - Zeref x OC x Rogue ( Fairy Tail )

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Valvia Colvavindia By moonlightbuckingham Updated Jul 17, 2017

Taking down a dark guild shouldn't be very difficult. Right? Perhaps taking down one of the main three from the Balam Alliance could be difficult, but taking down one of their many sub guilds isn't difficult at all. 

But, due to the Fairytail guild, both Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis have been eliminated off the charts, only leaving Tartoros. A guild no-one has information on. A guild filled with horrible nightmares and spooky hallways that no-one can find.

But the certain members have been looking for someone. Someone they need to execute their plan.
Three years of the core members from Fairytail being lost to their holy land, Sabertooth thrives in jewels and being number one. 

Two of their members being the Twin Dragon Duo. Sting and Rogue and their companions, Frosche and Lector.

They accept a job request to take out one of Tartaros's main sub guilds, soon to gain millions of jewels when complete, bigger ego's and they wouldn't ever suspect to gain a new guild mate in the process, and teach her the ways of Sabertooth. 

Someone's who magic of deadly afflictions and deadly adaptations could boost Sabertooth higher...

Someone who this sub guild, were delivering to Tartoros...

Someone who the shadow dragon slayer's heart beats for...

But there's a catch. She remembers nothing. Nothing since a certain year besides a simple letter that replays in her mind.


Zeref x Oc x Rogue.:3

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Risavivid Risavivid Nov 01, 2017
How the hell is her only memory the letter Z. Is she illiterate? Tf?
Uchiha_Levi Uchiha_Levi Apr 04, 2017
Woah! Author, you really meant it when you titled this story, "His Demonic Bride". . .
Risavivid Risavivid Nov 01, 2017
My type of woman, I imagined her more like Megurine Luka tho.