Bittersweet (Tabloids Lie 3)

Bittersweet (Tabloids Lie 3)

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Tabloids Lie 3

***I strongly advise you to read the first two books, in order for this one to make more sense.***

Life as a family never got so hard for Nian,
But never was it more beautiful,
Or more tragic...

Raising children is no easy task,
Especially when your life is danger every second of everyday.
Something's gonna go wrong at some point,
Something so terribly wrong...

Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 20
she's a i-dunno-how-many-years old but i know under five!!!! This sucks, how could u do that to a baby????!!!!
Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 18
UGH, those nian morning scenes.....EGH, OH MY GOD, THEY-
                              AH CRAP, EGH , UUUGH. GROSSIES!!!
Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 18
Yea Ian, go ahead and rip ur shirt of like some kind of hulk guy and show everyone ur beautiful abs before u gracefully dive into the water to save ur child, who probably isn't even in there. ;)
Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 20
was the shark SLOWLY eating away at his leg that he didn't notice the damage or the shark under him until he couldn't move it? -_-
Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 18
way to put panic in the first chap! It certainly keep us wanting more honey child!!!!! ;D
Kat652002 Kat652002 Jun 20
Ian!!!! Why his leg, does it have to be amputated or somethin?????
                              YOU DEMON!!!!