Book Covers

Book Covers

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-Rinii- By -Rinii- Updated Jul 25

This book has all the covers I've made for contests and for some of my friends.

I've started making covers on request too,so please read on and request for one if you're okay with these.

I would require 'Cover Credits' to be given in the description of the story,if you're using a cover I made.

Before you request a cover, please keep the following things in mind. Couple of bad experiences, so, though I didn't want to do this, I'm pretty much forced to cos my time and efforts go waste at the end of the day.

1. Please do not request covers in 10 other places simultaneously. If you've asked me for a cover, please have the patience to see how it turns out before you decide to proceed with someone else. It's frustrating when I finish making a cover despite a really hectic schedule and someone says "Sorry,my friend already made one for me".

2. Please do not request a cover from me for a book you haven't published here. I used to take requests for these earlier,but not anymore. 

If you're okay with these and still want a cover, please go ahead and ask away! :)

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Rosesecrets Rosesecrets Jun 16, 2016
I love the cover for this book Miss Idly and Mr Dhokla too!! Cute!! And I'm looking forward to reading the book! :)
ChronologicalReader ChronologicalReader Jun 18, 2016
The cover is totally appropriate for the title :)
                              loved it❤❤
vikitha08 vikitha08 Sep 10, 2016
Hahahahahahhaaha those two pictures are blushing right ?😉
kusumanjali_akula kusumanjali_akula Jun 15, 2016
Thank you so much for this beautiful cover... and for being patient with me.. changing the font.. 
                              You are really sweet for doing it..
                              I actually did many covers for dis book but it didn't give me the satisfaction.
                              You did it so well.. like you know exactly what I like...
                              Thank you 😘❤💛❤
dismaydedminds dismaydedminds Sep 15, 2016
@-Rinii-  okay that's perfectly fine when and where would you like me to request my cover?
dismaydedminds dismaydedminds Sep 15, 2016
Hey, saw that you make book covers and wanted to know if you could possibly make me a book cover?