The Sleep Curse (Daughter of the Olympians #2)

The Sleep Curse (Daughter of the Olympians #2)

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"I know my soul's freezing hell's hot for good reason."


25 years after his daughter disappeared, Apollo embarks on his journey as a mortal, yet again. As the threats to humanity thrive, he finds help where it is most needed. In order to aid Apollo, the seven reunite, plotting to destroy the terrorists. But will their efforts be enough? They might need assistance from a certain daughter of the gods...

~Book 2 of the Daughter of the Olympians Series~

«Disclaimer» Rick Riordan owns all characters, and some storyline events

**Spoilers for Heroes of Olympus series and Trials of Apollo are included**

Overall book song: The Judge by Twenty One Pilots

Awkward scenario 2:
                              "Well," I began, "she was the daughter of me and..." 
                              "...and?" Percy said gently.
                              "And Artemis."
                              I mentally wished I had a camera as Percy came to terms with what I just said.
                              "You... and your sister.... wait, WHAT?!"
Awkward scenario 1:
                              "Well," I began, she was the daughter of me and-"
                              "And who?" Percy said gently.
                              "And your father Poseidon." I stifled my laughter.
                              Percy choked and fell forward into the sand.
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Ahh. Zeus I suggest not killing him Jason would be pretty pissed