Ladybug x reader fixing her heart

Ladybug x reader fixing her heart

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(Reader) is going through the world with vary little people to call family . For years your mother was struggling with brain cancer and recently she passed away. As you stood by her bedside she passed you a letter unfolding the secrets of your past. The man that you thought was your father was never your father.  Gabriel agrest, One of the worlds top fashion designers was said to be your true father. With little to no life in the city of New York, you find your father only to find out that you have a brother. 
Adrien,your half brother and only actual family takes you in. Building a new life meeting new friends and falling in love.
Livening life in Paris seemed easy until you unfold secrets you weren't supposed to know. Lies that were made to protect others. 
Blood is spilled and hearts are broken the only question is who's going to be there to fix it.
What are you supposed to say when you find your half brother is chat noir and the girl that you love, loves him but not all of him.....what do you do when he's gone and there's no one to take his place?

I just want to stay for the record that I didn't originally have this idea this idea originally came from a friend of mine called creativeWrighter96.

Just for the records I may not update very frequently I will try to make these chapters as long as possible and this story is going to last for a very long time.

P.s- I do not own any of the art in each chapter, I can't draw as well as those with talent....I wish I could but can't.
Nor do I own the characters or music.

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Lostinyourwonderland Lostinyourwonderland Apr 20, 2017
Can you fix the part where the reader is supposedly talking because without " " those is looks like the reader in talking in his/her head and not to the person speaking to them
Shy_Artist_Love Shy_Artist_Love Jun 27, 2016
I think number 2 is a good for an story. And I will go with number 2.