The Vampire's Mate (BoyxBoy)

The Vampire's Mate (BoyxBoy)

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Happy stalking~ By thatoneblwriter Updated Jul 05

[Book one in the Supernatural series]

In a world where humans are now enslaved by supernaturals, 17 year-old boy Lomi Crest and his family had been living in hiding in an enclosed town named Hargeon. Hargeon was located deep inside the forest were the supernatural's eyes cannot reach them...or so they thought. As everything was going well for Lomi, in one night, everything came crashing down. Supernaturals attacked, everyone was left dead. Right when his family were about to be killed, a certain vampire became interested in Lomi. He guaranteed Lomi's loved ones' safety in exchange for one thing...Lomi himself.


"I've chosen you..Lomi..." The vampire's voice was even colder than they were before, alarming Lomi of how dangerous the situation was turning out to be. Hot breathe tickled his ear then ghosted down all the way to his pale neck. 

"I-I don't understand," was all that he managed to get out. The hold on his wrists tightened even more, locking him still on the mattress. A broken whimper left him when the vampire's lips trailed around his neck. The chuckle that came next sent trembled of fear to travel around his small body. 

 "I've chosen you as my mate." 

Before the words could even register into his mind, sharp fangs pierced into his delicate skin, eliding a harsh cry from his lips. Eyes widening, Lomi realized that he knew that this was.

A mating mark...

He'd just been marked as a mate.

These are really long chapters (and they're written well)- I love it! Keep at the great work
This chapter is superb ❤❤ and its very long soooo good ❤❤👌🏻
I have read the vempire story withe. Same name 😂😂😂 but it was romantic one.and sweet of course.
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 May 08
You know, wattpad tween writer's favorite type of a slave. The sex slave.
Its wasn't Boring. I like to know about character first and their 
                              past is most interesting thing!!  I wasn't boring for me though.
                              But just dont make lomi fall in love too easly.
Royceston Royceston Aug 30
Wow I thought I was the only one who thought of Naruto. When I read Vladimir I thought about Vladimir Tepes or Vlad The Impaler. This is going to be much more interesting.