The Vampire's Mate (BoyxBoy)

The Vampire's Mate (BoyxBoy)

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Happy stalking~ By thatoneblwriter Updated Dec 31, 2017

[Book one in the Supernatural series]

In a world where humans are now enslaved by supernaturals, 17 year-old boy Lomi Crest and his family had been living in hiding in an enclosed town named Hargeon. Hargeon was located deep inside the forest were the supernatural's eyes cannot reach them...or so they thought. As everything was going well for Lomi, in one night, everything came crashing down. Supernaturals attacked, everyone was left dead. Right when his family were about to be killed, a certain vampire became interested in Lomi. He guaranteed Lomi's loved ones' safety in exchange for one thing...Lomi himself.


"I've chosen you..Lomi..." The vampire's voice was even colder than they were before, alarming Lomi of how dangerous the situation was turning out to be. Hot breathe tickled his ear then ghosted down all the way to his pale neck. 

"I-I don't understand," was all that he managed to get out. The hold on his wrists tightened even more, locking him still on the mattress. A broken whimper left him when the vampire's lips trailed around his neck. The chuckle that came next sent trembled of fear to travel around his small body. 

 "I've chosen you as my mate." 

Before the words could even register into his mind, sharp fangs pierced into his delicate skin, eliding a harsh cry from his lips. Eyes widening, Lomi realized that he knew that this was.

A mating mark...

He'd just been marked as a mate.

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You said it’s “boring”.... it can’t be boring since it’s long af. In either case: WHYYYY?!? It’s so freaking long! This will take me all day to read 7^7 I was hoping to read at least 5 chapters before lunch T^T
LoveThrillerStalker LoveThrillerStalker Jul 09, 2017
I have read the vempire story withe. Same name 😂😂😂 but it was romantic one.and sweet of course.
Noel1399 Noel1399 Dec 10, 2017
Heros aren't the ones who know their not going to get hurt when the fight for someone. They're the ones who know for damn sure that if they interfere they're going to get messed up. That requires a serious amount of courage and selflessness.
NOBODYhello NOBODYhello Mar 29
😔 I had that problem too!! I’d peel and bite till I bleed sometimes... I’m better now though us it was caused by stress that I no longer have to worry about !
Rose_Aries71771 Rose_Aries71771 3 days ago
“Truth be tild”- “Told”. I had to point this out it was driving me crazy, Now imma go see if “Tild” is a word
OvertSpitfire OvertSpitfire Nov 18, 2017
Hello nine-tailed fox spirit!! Bringing a little Naruto into this story are we!? Don't worry I love you more for it!!