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I hate rich people

I hate rich people

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demonslayer29 By demonslayer29 Completed

My name is Sake and I'm 18. I'm not weak or a crybaby. But I am a nerd and fighter and a curser and well you get the idea. But you don't have my life. Now I have to go to a rich people school which is annoying and I want to punch their face and rip their money every second I'm here. 

So do I fall in love with one of the top 7 of this school which is BTS? Or never tell him my feelings because of my dark past and well present secrets.

Snow-Tae Snow-Tae Mar 27
what a brave kid..i cant do that thou..well hehe i love my parent so yeah..haha
baengtantv- baengtantv- Apr 22
This kinds reminds me of Boys over Flowers or that Japanese drama called.. What was that again? Morning Call or something...
meli50577 meli50577 May 17
But youuu dddiiiiddd so who's at fault in this situation? YOOOUUUU.
Every time you Walk into the school
                               *Bells* "FIREEEEEEE"
                               Popular people "EW DIRTY WATEUR"
                               *sprays you with perfume*
                              Emos "You got no jams"
wow if i said something like that in front of my parents i wouldn't wanna imagine what would happen my precious kpop and anime will be bye bye gone
i don't remember kudo killing anyone but oh well it works well with me you go girl welcome to the family