Older  :: Mikey Barone

Older :: Mikey Barone

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T By DrownedYouth Updated Sep 17, 2016

How would you feel if the teenage boy you look up to wanted to pursue a relationship with you? Oh, of course you would feel different emotions, happiness, excitement, shock, and many more.

But how would you feel when your a couple years younger than that person is by a long shot. Everybody knows your together but they don't know anything else about you other than your name and your voice. 

They don't know what your face looks like, where your from, or how old you are, they just know what your body looks like and that you and special person are dating.

Starla Mae Taylor knows exactly how it feels and she'll tell you, it has its ups and downs but its worth it in the end.

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hiplikehall hiplikehall Mar 21
Oh my God, my school was freaking like this .
                              "No you can't have that folder with a panda holding an ice cream cone! It's against school rules"
                              Tf eat a cactus
its-des its-des Aug 17, 2016
Im actually really in love with Mikey's hands, theyre so thick and manly 😂😂 idk i like when guys have thick hands i feel like theyre nice to hold😂🔫
KansasIsHere KansasIsHere Jan 08, 2017
Haha,  if you're not okay with that "there's the motherfucking door. "