The King's Assassin #Wattys2016 #writher

The King's Assassin #Wattys2016 #writher

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Chosen when a child, Lady Kathryn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king's assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are supposed to know. It's a life and death secret that must be kept.

For an assassin survival is precarious. Life is something you simply cannot take for granted because the next day is never granted. Despite her privileged up-bringing, Kathryn quickly learned how to survive on her own and to never trust a soul while following the Guild without question.

Upon her return to England a murderous plot against King Aldrich is discovered. Kathryn is shocked when she finds out who the fiend is. She's even more shocked when the King proposes marriage, a lot. An assassin has never married her king before. The last one who fell in love had her tongue ripped out and was burned alive.

Letting her emotions cloud her judgment, Kathryn falls for the king and agrees to the marriage, jeopardizing not only his life but her own. Disobeying the Guild means death. Now she must figure out how to keep them both alive and not piles of smoldering ash.

My new cover is a big thanks to @Marveler_!

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Selena_guv Selena_guv Feb 10
just because of this line "Not at all like the small boy who threw mud at me." I LOVE HER
Roses-C-927 Roses-C-927 3 days ago
Oh yes being wed off at an early age is definitely on her top list of achieving happiness oooo also lets not forget what usually comes after a marriage A BABY!!! Yes indeed she will be very joyous to be in a loveless marriage and pregnant at the age of 18.
_LinWrites_ _LinWrites_ Feb 21
Yep cause that's all a guy wants in life. A small waist and big boobs. 
S1lv3rF0x S1lv3rF0x Jan 30
Geez! Shipping already!? We havent even seen his competition
Tiranosav Tiranosav Feb 13
*Getting waterboarded on an ironing board*
                              "pssh stop fussing"
😂😂😂speaking sarcasm fluently...
                              Her own mother doesn't even realise it