Sakamaki's Demon {Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction}

Sakamaki's Demon {Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction}

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anime-k92x By anime-k92x Updated Dec 07, 2016

Everyone knows the story about the Sakamaki family. 

But there is something that no one knew about the great Karlheinz. 

He had met a women long before his wives and he was actually in love with her; not just for something greedy like the rest but something pulled them apart and he never saw her again. 

Her name was Amelia. 

She was half vampire and half human.

But there was something he didn't know. 

She had a child. 

A beautiful young girl named Tsukiko. 

No one knew about her. Not even Karlheinz until someone found out about her and he demanded to find her and bring her to him.

It has been centuries since then and there was no sign of her which made Karlheinz into the man he is now.

Tsukiko lived in a small cabin outside of the city. She had lost her mother when she was really young. She started to live with Tsukiyama, one of her mother's friend that raised her like she was his own. 

One day she was kidnapped by one of the men that Karl send out to search for her and forced her to live with her new family.

How will Tsukiko handle all this?
Will love blossom? Or Hate?

crystal500- crystal500- Nov 11, 2016
Her powers is super strength? ...seriously but if she can kick some sakamaki's that would be cool
                              Sorry if you got offended
NiYuNess NiYuNess Jan 12
Is she from some snime? Well she fo looked like Illya's mother
FukkingShiit FukkingShiit Nov 17, 2016
the first thing I thought of when I hear that name was
                              "I love Amelia"😂😂😂
AphmauFan1628 AphmauFan1628 2 days ago
All of you 'Problem Children Are Coming From Another World' fans, dose their last name sound like Izayoi's?