All Grown Up

All Grown Up

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Lo$t $oul By 1LostSoul_ Updated Oct 14

Alana in the MM.

Alana POV

"Daddy hurry up."I yelled excitedly. 

"I don't know why we have to go anyway."KJ said. I pushed his head.

"Oh shut up. You know you want to come anyway."I said sticking my tongue out.

"Lani sorry to break it you but I really don't want to watch you hit a ball back and forth over a net."he said.

"Your just mad because I can beat you in Basketball"I said laughing. He push me.

"Oh shutup. I can beat you anytime."he said.

"Prove it then bighead."I said taking the pillow and hitting him with it over and over again.

"Stop it."our father yelled. 

"What did I tell y'all?"he ask.

"That we should never fight against each other. We fight together as a team."both of us said.

"Exactly."he said.

"King quit being so strict. They are only playing."my mother said. 

"Thank you mama."KJ said.

"Boy."my father said giving him a mean look. My mother punch him in the arm and gave him a death glare. I love their relationship. My daddy is the man of the house but no on...

Love this chapter can't wait to see what happens with lana snd sincere
Wow ! I wasn't expecting that, but no one ever knows what happens outside of a smile😩✨. I hope she finds out, and tries to help them both.
I agree that's no place I would want anyone, I hope everything works out with his new job also it's ok to ask for help💕. You have tons of people willing to help.
Volleyball? 🏃I run when I hear that sport come up 😂, I can't play that because I can't serve anymore.
I love it💓, but third book? It's a first and second with these same people?
She giving slot of options...would have been like 'no up and down '