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Black Diaries

Black Diaries

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Robert Thier By RobThier Updated 7 days ago

One feisty heroine (That would be me. Hi, I'm Cassy.)
One deliciously hot hero (I prefer them fresh, not frozen.)
Passionate love (and a big fat pinch of lust!)
Oh, and don't forget the "Till death do us part!"
Please leave stewing for 10 minutes in deadly intrigue, stir, and then serve with hot chili sauce.
See? A very simple recipe. Nothing can possibly go wrong, right...?

WARNING: Hot scenes & dark humor. Read at your own risk.

I imagined her flinging it at his head and killing him like that, then killing the woman so there would be no witnesses 😂😂
Well crushes look handsome no matter what they do...... *sighs hopelessly*
lafolle55 lafolle55 4 days ago
nutcracker.....OMGGGG Sam in supernatural got hit right in the crotch when gab pulled them in this TV-like life  AND OMG SAM IN THIS BOOK GOT HIT IN THE NUTS ALSO ! WOW this thing tho..mind blowing 😂😂😂
lafolle55 lafolle55 4 days ago
dad is on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home for a few days
libby10XD libby10XD 2 days ago
I'm fine with it as long as I get to be called Lady Liberty.
Ashey188 Ashey188 a day ago
U no if there was another u closer to my age Id marry him on da spot. So hard to find guys that likes romantics.