You Left || l.s mpreg (ongoing)

You Left || l.s mpreg (ongoing)

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h ♡ By sunshinephil Updated Jan 26

Harry and his boyfriend, Louis, had the perfect relationship. Until it wasn't perfect anymore.

Harry found out he was pregnant, and Louis decided he wasn't ready to be a father, but Harry kept the baby.

Going to school with the one person you were supposed to be able to depend on wasn't easy. Especially when he left, not even caring to try to see Harry or their daughter.

//contains mpreg\\
p.s; may contain smut. I will leave a warning beforehand if there is.

started on; july 7, 2016
ended; n/a

copyright © 2016 by sunshinephil

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Anime_no_Ai Anime_no_Ai Jun 30
To me its kinda funny. I'm going into Jr. Year this year. Lol
Have you heard that the year they get married is 2022??????????
Bish you acting like this the first time you seeing him, I know he's beautiful but your lucky enough to see it everyday
Harry, stay strong. Don't give in too easily or he'll never learn his lesson
I wouldn't get an abortion either because I feel like it's murder
A day care in a school? Thats odd but no one I knew in high school was preggo