heart of a phoenix; klaus mikaelson

heart of a phoenix; klaus mikaelson

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this is stupid By irradiated Updated Nov 11, 2016

"you got the 

heart of a phoenix 

so let them see 

you rise"


in which a phoenix falls for the enemy

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i never quite understood if her accent was british or australian
xtaylaxluhx xtaylaxluhx Jul 04
I'm praying when this book is edited that the typo stays 😂😂
You would be shocked as to how people can seem to change accents so easy... I mean Hugh Jackman was an Australian playing a Canadian whom everyone thought was American.
Day6Jae6 Day6Jae6 Feb 09
Im just gonna imagine her as Holland Roden sorry not sorry✌️😂😘
so thats what she meant? she combusts once a month? Thats hilarious
mikaelsluts mikaelsluts Aug 20, 2016
So I DONT MEAN TO BE RUDE IM SORRY IF IT COMES THAT WAY, but I have to say it . Stefan* it's Stefan