Lullaby [#Wattys2016]

Lullaby [#Wattys2016]

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The clock goes by and still nobody understands the meaning of this life everyone says is so great. no one understands it. Not Edd, Tom, Matt, not even Tord. Edd, being a gentle and kind man with a soft heart of gold. Tom rudely tempered but does truly care. Matt overexcitable but has a voice like an angels when he sings. 

Tord an quick tempered and trigger-happy man who's not afraid to hurt, and shoot when someone threatens. But truly..that isn't tord. He's SCARED. He's FRIGHTENED. He's AFRAID. He's scared of what others think of him, and let's pride hide that. He's FRIGHTENED of his beaten past in which he refuses to believe. He's AFRAID of what the world lays for him when he steps out. 

"If today was your last day, tomorrow was too late, will you say goodbye to yesterday~?"

Its Fine With The Updates Being Slow,It's Worth The Wait!
                              This Book Is Amazing!! :3
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                              Jfc your writing style is amazing-
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Seems like I have another story to eagerly await updates on~!