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Abused (#MLWattysAward))

Abused (#MLWattysAward))

42.6K Reads 3.2K Votes 22 Part Story
❔❓❔ By EpicMorninglory Completed

Most people only get some of Adrian's story. Ever since his mother left, people thought that Gabriel Agreste was only cold towards his son. They weren't wrong but there was more. He abused his son. Adrian escaped to his princess Marinette for comfort. Can she save him? Or is he too far gone? 

*WARNING* This story contains abuse, depression, death, and many other mature themes. Read at you're own risk. 

I hope you guys like this story. So far I haven't seen anything like this on wattpad or This may get a but graphic so read at your own risk. Remember live, love, learn! See you in the next chapter!

The following poem was made by MiraculousLoverFan: 

You let my sink 
In time that passed by like a blink.
My heart hurts so bad
But you only make me more sad.

Then why did you save me all along?Although you know I didn't belong.
My life is ruined like a crash by a bomb
Since the incident of my long lost mom.

I don't have anything left to share
Alas you only make me feel more alone and scared
And now I feel empty and full of anger
Because you see...I am just a boy who will always suffer. 

Thank you for the amazing poem! You really described how Adrian feels.

Thanks to EmsterKat for the cover!

- - Apr 09
Awwww smol Adrien the little cinnamon roll omgs who can resist that
- - Apr 09
No NONONO NONONO ononononono ononononono ononononononononononononompnonojonon
- - Apr 09
Please stop
                              STOP ITS TOO SAD THE TORTURE
                              *keeps reading bc I read sad stuff all the timeeee*
Dis gon be good, but I will still suffer watching adrien be beaten
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my heart just literally broke
jnate101 jnate101 Dec 26, 2016
This is only chapter 1 and it's already tugging at my heart strings I don't know if I finish this book I don't know if my little heart to take it