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pettiest bitch⚡ By taiylorthelit Completed

"My boney ass is not good enough for you." Canvas said feeling the self hate come on

"Baby your perfect, you don't need to change."

"No I'm not." Canvas said feeling the tears come as well"Im not perfect look at me. Go get you a thick bitch that make you happy not my scrawny ass." Canvas said tears falling as she spoke

"Canvas that's the thing your the only girl that can make me happy."

Canvas Connie Cartelli a skinny girl from the upper part of California. Always feeling as if she wasn't good enough. People telling her that she 'Wasn't as pretty as the other girls' or that 'No nigga would want her, cause she had nothing to offer.". She felt alone and only one thing or person could fill the empty void

Shawn Christopher Mac  a antisocial person who likes to be left alone. Being apart of the popular crowd he only hung with a few. Never getting into much drama, or dipping into trouble he considered himself an alright person. He wanted more than just a quick fuck He wanted something or Somebody to love on.

But when Canvas catches the eye of Shawn. Will Shawn give her the love that she has always wanted and needed. Will Canvas be able to put her self hate to the side and let someone love her for her. Find out in Canvas

Where the world could be anybody's canvas.

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Started: 7/1/16

-icon- -icon- Dec 28, 2016
How you don't have paper, I got paper even if I don't have a pencil what he need to do is go to the dollar store and get him some pencils and paper he acting like he broke and don't got nothing
-icon- -icon- Dec 28, 2016
I don't like when guys call me ma like I'm not yo mama and I hate when guys think I should do thinks like I am they mama
-icon- -icon- Dec 27, 2016
Are you fed at home because you skinny then a tooth pick and we still ain't said nothing about you
-icon- -icon- Dec 27, 2016
I hate teachers like this "cheer up guys" why would I cheer up I'm only hear for 2 reason my mom made me come and I want an education I don't want to be in your class there's no reason for me to cheer up unless you giving me some hot wing ruffles and a Dr Pepper
-icon- -icon- Dec 28, 2016
I don't like when teachers make me read because I say things that aren't on that paper sometimes
-icon- -icon- Dec 27, 2016
That's why I don't like going to school because all they care about is looks if you're skinny or fat if you're pretty or ugly and if you're tall or short