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Petal Dance - An Amourshipping Oneshot

Petal Dance - An Amourshipping Oneshot

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Conor117 By Conor117 Completed

Ash and Serena are left alone in a Pokemon Center. With a lack of things to do they walk to the place just outside of town known as Harmony Meadow. It is known for a plethora of flowers and exquisite beauty. Perhaps flowers will not be the only things to bloom here...
  My first fanfic so I thought I would start with a one-shot so it might not be very good. I'm open to criticism of course. I don't know how to use Wattpad either so yeah. Either way enjoy I guess. Also I do not know how to name Chapters otherwise it would be called Love Blossoms

hiccstridtoothless39 hiccstridtoothless39 Nov 09, 2016
"I died inside a few seconds ago." Really Serena? I DIED AT THE START OF THE CHAPTER! Sorry, but I fangirl in every Amourshipping story I read. Amour is the ship of Pokemon! Serena is the only one to actually kiss Ash on the lips! IN AN EPISODE!!!!!
MoreAmourInsectivore MoreAmourInsectivore Nov 01, 2016
Thank Arceus. I love the way you put the title into the last two words. But seriously? I LOVED THIS FANFIC!!!!!!!
Minimolly123 Minimolly123 Oct 17, 2016
When the Amour is JUUUST right (insert da meme with my face on it)
MagicGazelle133 MagicGazelle133 Nov 25, 2016
I have to say that this is probably the best story ive ever seen for armourshipping since im mad on the subject myself. this is a work of art. I TRULY LOVE THIS THANK YOU!♥♥♥
Minimolly123 Minimolly123 Oct 17, 2016
We need a brain surgeon to remove all them bricks in Ash's head
MagicGazelle133 MagicGazelle133 Nov 25, 2016
*facepalm* what are you waiting for??!! KISS XDD DID (anyway I love this)