X-Men: Revolution.

X-Men: Revolution.

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Vinnie By VinnieKittie Completed

Growing up can be hard, especially if you're doing it all by yourself while living miles away from your friends and family. But things get even harder when you discover that you're not exactly who you think you are. Suddenly everything changes... and you're forced to make decisions you never thought you'd ever have to make. But... maybe it's not so bad. Luckily for you, you have people watching - people who want to protect you. 
And then there are others.

Unfortunately for Vinnie Wynters, these decisions... and these people... will majorly affect her entire life.

...As if her new acquired abilities didn't already do that.

[All characters - except for Vinnie Wynters - are based on the 'X-men: Evolution' cartoon series back in 2000-2003. Unfortunately, I do not own the Marvel's X-men or any of their pictures which I happened to find using Google Images. I certainly wished I owned the rights to this genius fiction because they're practically my life. But everything related to the X-men belong to Marvel and their creators like Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, and others. I have no problem giving credit where credit is due, however - besides the above mentioned information - as of May 30, 2012, all fictional content in THIS fan fiction story, X-Men: Revolution(©) belong to ME and are MY original ideas, as well as the creation of the character Vinnie Wynters(©). All rights reserved to me, VinnieDeJesu or Gabrielle Vinnie DeJesu. Awesome story cover art created by NinjaTurtleNerd. Thanks! -Vin]

sprinkles4EVA sprinkles4EVA Aug 17, 2016
Isn't that 23 degrees celsius? That is hot well for us Irish it is
-timeturner -timeturner Jun 25, 2016
Ironic her name is Wynters but she had (from what I can tell so far( fire powers
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft Aug 04, 2016
Wait but don't you realize your a mutant during puberty...?
                              So wait is she gonna realize her powers REALLY LATE  or not be a mutant at all...?
                              Wouldn't that mean she hasn't gone through puberty yet..?
                              Ok I'll shut up now...
voidscoot voidscoot Aug 14, 2016
I am still obsessed too, I prefer it over the movies and the other shows.
ismellfearonyou ismellfearonyou Jul 13, 2016
I know more about what this girl spends her parents' money on than I know about her. She the kind of character that ends up a murder victim in a mystery novel.
SaraTheUnicorn13 SaraTheUnicorn13 Oct 18, 2016
I wish you the best of luck and love. I shall give tou my blessing. Lol