Sam and Cat Lesbian

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Sam Puckett & Cat Valentine By SamAndCat Updated 4 months ago
Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine are roommates and close friends, but are they something more? Everything changes when they start to have feelings for each other.
...please wtite in third person if you keep on wanting to switch from Cat's P.O.V to Sam's P.O.V?
Both of them have boyfriends. Their not lesbians. And, it's rude to make fake stuff about the show. I'm sorry but the truth needs to be told.
ya, Cat was dating Robbie. In real life she was dating Nathan Skyes. And sam was dating freddie
No offence I'm sorry if I seem rude but doesn't Cat and Sam have boyfriends?
Heyy did you change the first chapter?????? (Just asking) cuz it seems like it
Hey  can you update I mean when I first read it I was like whhattttt?????? But I still wanna read it so can you plz update plzzzzzz!!!!!