My Sex God || Park Jimin [COMPLETE]

My Sex God || Park Jimin [COMPLETE]

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BTSBLKPNK By LadyKimTae Completed

Okay. I know what you're thinking. But it wasn't always this way. Dating a "sex God." Just let me explain. 


"What do you mean you got stood up?" I ask my best friend Mat as he stares at me from the other side of the table at the mall. "Yeah. I guess she only thought of me as a friend." He says looking down at his plate of pizza that he kept poking at. I frown. "Mat. She's stupid if she stood you up. You're an amazing guy" and I'd know we dated for a year until we realized that being friends was just for us. He looks up at me with sad written all over it. He finally smiles, that smile that used to make my heart race. But where's that feeling now?

Its basically a huge smut!
If you love smuts you'll love this book :)

18+ recommended unless you don't mind extremely kinky chapters and intense sexual descriptions. (They don't start right away just letting you know) 

*don't say I didn't warn you* ;)


Debating whether or not to do a book 2

LadyKimTae LadyKimTae Nov 28
                              Are so mean but I love it 😂😂😂 your comments made me laugh
IsabelFord3 IsabelFord3 Sep 08
What can go wrong?..hmmm well you just might end up having a one night stand and then the next day you find out one of your kidneys stolen! Well...thats my way of putting it...
IsabelFord3 IsabelFord3 Oct 24
Don't judge me but I'm reading this book again for the third time. I'm in love