Book 1: My Sex God || [COMPLETE] #LYS2K18

Book 1: My Sex God || [COMPLETE] #LYS2K18

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LadyKimTae By LadyKimTae Completed

I wanna stop time
When this moment is done

Seeing a side of Jimin no one thought he had. ;)

Its basically a huge smut!
If you love smuts you'll love this book :)

18+ recommended unless you don't mind extremely kinky chapters and intense sexual descriptions. (They don't start right away just letting you know) 

*don't say I didn't warn you* ;)


There's a book 2!! >> Sensual Book 2 

Started: 07/02/16
Completed: 09/25/16

Book 6 of BTS Break up series
>> check out my bio to see order of books

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ThinkKawaii ThinkKawaii Oct 03
Jimin?(If) EXCUUUSE MEEEE! Jimin(If not) fick the heck away from me
I'm beginning to like this story so far, keep up the good work author! Btw your writing is so good 💕
kaetlyncruz kaetlyncruz 3 days ago
Lol this comment section has 152 comments about Jimins jams 😂 +me tho 😂
ThinkKawaii ThinkKawaii Oct 03