Anything for you (Chase Davenport x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]

Anything for you (Chase Davenport x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]

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Mrs. Potter By ArtsyLexyPotter Updated 4 days ago

"Thank you" she said kissing my cheek before resting her head back on my chest, slowly falling into a peaceful sleep.

I hugged her tighter, like if I let go, she'd disappear forever. "Anything for you."


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No one's gonna question? They're step-siblings, and they're gonna date and do all that biz
When I saw this episode I was like 'damn girl that sass tho'
Wouldn't they be cousins??
                              Or am I just stupid... Yeah I'm stupid
xXSparkle-masterXx xXSparkle-masterXx Oct 22, 2017
With a haven't you people ever heard of, closing the goddamn door?!
thatonecookiefangirl thatonecookiefangirl Nov 18, 2017
If Eddie said that to me id just say "how rude...well its mine now!"😂
Wait if I’m adopted then that would make me chase’s stepsister and that would be awkward dating or liking him as a crush