My Little Neko {Phan, Finished}

My Little Neko {Phan, Finished}

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There was a boy named Dan who was walking home from going to a party he wished he never went to. As Dan was walking, he heard a small mew coming from an alleyway beginning to head in that direction, not expecting to find a small kitten behind a dumpster. What will happen with the kitten, what happens with Dan? (Amazingphil x danielhowell)

Warning: mentions abuse, language, some near death

//yo please give me credit if you use this or @ me aha dont wAnnt cALl mY lAwYeR\\

merf129987 merf129987 Jun 26
                                       (*-*) / hi my name is
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Zandra003 Zandra003 Aug 11
For some reason I though you'd made a play on words and said Flappy Bird instead of Floppy Bird but then I realised that the name of the game WAS Flappy Bird and I have 0 idea where Floppy Bird came from... 😂