My Great Perhaps  (Lauren/You)

My Great Perhaps (Lauren/You)

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ln_lj5765 By ln_lj5765 Updated May 31

if you've read "Looking for Alaska," then you might like this story. if you haven't, then I suggest you should cuz it's an amazing book. Plus this book is based off of that book so yeah. 

It's a Lauren/You story


ha-huuuurrr ha-huuuurrr Aug 05
if lauren dies like in the book then im not reading jk hahahaha
mordechex mordechex Apr 09
Philippines where all you get is rain and shine, fcking plain sht
When all of you visiting the north of Mexico like Sinaloa and Sonora. That's feel like a hell!!  And I don't lie
Nukey0717 Nukey0717 Feb 15
What am I supposed to do what read a book HA I don't even know what a book is
LaurmaniDinally LaurmaniDinally Aug 19, 2016
I live in Louisiana which is about the same type of heat and humidity so I'm used to it
LaurmaniDinally LaurmaniDinally Aug 19, 2016
My mom is not like this she's like "I know what you college kids do just be responsible and I'll pretend I don't know you're doing all of that" 😂