Just Me And Him (Mori X Reader) (Maybe Discontinued Idk)

Just Me And Him (Mori X Reader) (Maybe Discontinued Idk)

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Samantha Rose Ralls By SendingVirtualHugs Updated Jun 24

You had a crush on him since middle school and you find out that he likes you back y/n is also very good at the harp and the drums and a good singer 

Don't be deppressio have an espresso

Okay yall this book was writen forever ago and i am re-writing it and fixing mistakes and stuff like that. Thanks for reading ig....ok maybe not, i honestly dont know what im going to do with this story but i am writing a new one. Be ready for whenever that comes out

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THEsamsepticeye THEsamsepticeye Dec 11, 2017
Is back your favourite colour? No my favourite colour is black.
mori: sure 
                              my bro: IT TALKS 
                              me: Be nice unless you wont me to get my little army of friends
                              my bro: Yeah im not scared 
                              Me: ok but you asked for it 
                              ~ 5 mins later 
                              My bro: OK OK IM SORRY NOW LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE PLEASE ( starts crying)
But black is my favorite color
                              A/N : to bad pick a different one
                              Me : but I don’t want to
                              A/N : to bad
                              Me :       ):
theUwUking theUwUking Feb 12
😨 ...it speaks
                              More: I hate you
                              Me:😨IT SAID A SENTENCE AND IT WASN'T A THREAT
luluuuz luluuuz Dec 30, 2016
hikaru and kaoru:Is back your favorite color?
                              me:no my favorite color is black