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NEIJIK10 By neijik10 Updated Feb 02

Nandini is new in Delhi, she is 20 years old and she is more like an introvert after an incident. Her sister was in Delhi because of her higher studies. And their parents aren't alive anymore they've passed away in the accident few months ago according to her but is this true? Or there is something else behind it.
    Manik Malhotra lives in Delhi he is 20 years old and is rich, Handsome and a  flirt, However, will he fall in love with nandini? but how will they cross their path? Is nandini parents death was an accident or something else? And if it wasn't an accident then who was behind it? Is manik involved in this? To find out, read out this story. A lot of drama, suspense and emotional drama is in this book.

An emotional roller coaster with dark secrets, horrible past, Revenge and intense love. What would be the end of this weird roller coaster? To find out more just peep into this book.

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sprinkELLEss sprinkELLEss Aug 06, 2016
I love how you introduce your characters first. :) it's brilliant!