Amour One-Shots

Amour One-Shots

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Updated Apr 28, 2017

Yeah, decided to make a one-shot only for Amour. 

Crazy right? Because the WhiteYvonne who obviously is crazy about Amour decided to make one-shots about it...


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_PastelUnicornLai_ _PastelUnicornLai_ Jun 20, 2017
The words "Like bruh?" Made me hate this whole story.😂
                              Why am I even here? I  •*HATE*• Amourshipping with an overwhelming passion .
                              Mostly because Ash is my Senpai.
Lycanroark Lycanroark Mar 30, 2017
To be fair, I too would be in a corner if someone just broke my door and barged in
amourchu13 amourchu13 Jun 02, 2017
What ? If someone broke my front door  ( which I don't know how they break the metal gate in front of ) , I might wreck them with my floor ball stick .
EstaticZap EstaticZap Oct 11, 2017
Use that stick and become Harry Potter!Or maybe Voldemort or something.
rikusp2002 rikusp2002 Mar 13
This is overflowing with smoothness...  Oh arceus...  Fking awesome
Bro.....the WHOLE Pokemon fandom/Amourshipping fandom knew😥😥