Amour One-Shots

Amour One-Shots

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Updated Apr 28

Yeah, decided to make a one-shot only for Amour. 

Crazy right? Because the WhiteYvonne who obviously is crazy about Amour decided to make one-shots about it...


The words "Like bruh?" Made me hate this whole story.😂
                              Why am I even here? I  •*HATE*• Amourshipping with an overwhelming passion .
                              Mostly because Ash is my Senpai.
Lycanroark Lycanroark Mar 30
To be fair, I too would be in a corner if someone just broke my door and barged in
amourchu13 amourchu13 Jun 02
What ? If someone broke my front door  ( which I don't know how they break the metal gate in front of ) , I might wreck them with my floor ball stick .
Why a stick! You have a FREAKING BREATHING DRAGON and you are holding a stick. Really Ash,that's not the best way to defend yourselfwhen someone breaks into the house.
You just like to use those words"stupid hormones " now don't you
PokeDragon1212 PokeDragon1212 Dec 30, 2016
Like I said before: happy story then sad story then happy story next sad story and well you get the idea