Human for a Week  [Complete]

Human for a Week [Complete]

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She gasped as she retched the blood she had just taken in. She removed her hands from her stomach and saw they were coated in red. Her wounds were reforming.  
"What's happening to you?" Rayner asked while walking up to her. 
Terror filled her as she realized what was happening. 
"I'm becoming human " she replied.


Rohesia  Edgar is a humanity-less thousand year old invincible vampire. Who does whatever she  wants  whenever she wants . 

When she steals a important ancient artifact a witch's spell to stop her goes horribly wrong and  she is turned human for a week. 

Trapped between her  brother who is trying to become the most powerful creature on earth and the werewolf that's trying to kill her, her life couldn't get any worse. 
The only problem is she can't be killed or hurt except now she's a human and that makes her vulnerable .


Current cover made by @mx_xox

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! *starts to freak* it's better than my book lol
Wolfmanic Wolfmanic Jul 08
Great start! Though there is a few errors, but you can fix that when you reread it
The prologue was interesting, especially how it ended. One tip I have is that you should space out the paragraphs because it's too much for the eyes when it's all together. Good start though!
Fantastically intriguing, I can't believe I managed to stop and comment, I want to keep reading!!! Very nice start
I don't really get the part, 'I won't let any harm calm to my daughter,' part
A pretty eye catching beginning. The dad seems like a azz to me lol. I love the story so far.