LETS MAKE IT HALAL  #wattys2016

LETS MAKE IT HALAL #wattys2016

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fadilah By that_muslimah Completed

As you all know how the world is filled with the western culture many Muslims don't practice Islam accordingly especially how they mingle with the opposite sex and how they date which isn't right

This story is about  Ayat who despite living in the western world tried her best in living her life in an Islamic way. She also wasnt pious to begin with but later on with Allah's guidance, she turned into a good Muslim 

Aslam is a  Handsome guy who possess the quality of a good person but had issues with his deen.
He met ayat who was literate about islam and how she practice Islam made him fall for her and she tried her best with Allah's guidance to change him into A better muslim

This is not  a story for fun but a story that contains lot of lessons especially for those finding it hard in living there lives in an Islamic way.

Hira889 Hira889 Aug 10, 2016
"Mallam and ya " in which language are these words used?
                              P.S.the chapter was amazing
Higmo_arif Higmo_arif Aug 21, 2016
Amazing!!! Absolutely LOVED this chapter. It felt like I was there
Just a little note if you don't mind, when referring to Allah(SWT) always use He instead of he :) BarakAllahu feekum ;)
zeeAmeer zeeAmeer Jun 21, 2016
Wow, it so nice and interesting as well. Though I will like to point out some corrections. You should use more punctuation marks to make it easier to read. More Greece to your elbow sister. I am so proud. What's d title of the first book???