The Shy Alpha [unedited]

The Shy Alpha [unedited]

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Breanna By larryswag07 Updated Nov 11, 2017

Everyone wants a dominant alpha, right? 

Meet Evan Samuels. He's the alpha of the Sliver Moon Pack. He's not intimidating. But he is shy. He gets picked on, even by his own parents.  

Meet Mia Williams. She's confident and out going. 

What will happen when two different worlds collide? 

Could they survive as mates?

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MainCrayon MainCrayon Nov 20, 2017
I not know why but I'm imagining little 5 year olds running to each other 😂
Darkishlyric5 Darkishlyric5 Dec 03, 2017
That's me.
                              Except I'm a female and minus the "loser" part.
                              I prefer the word "awesome" to "fabulous"
XxfanaticGirlxX XxfanaticGirlxX Nov 19, 2017
But before they can visit the LOST shadow pack she needs to FIND IT,  yet again it wouldn't be the LOST shadow pack because it will be renamed as THE FOUND SHADOW PACK
Pigs_Can_Flyy Pigs_Can_Flyy Sep 10, 2017
I like how every one is talking about the father when no one is talking about the mom insisting that two TEENAGERS share a room
Darkishlyric5 Darkishlyric5 Dec 03, 2017
                              This is gonna come back and bite u in the *ss. Mark my words.