The Shy Alpha [unedited]

The Shy Alpha [unedited]

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Breanna By larryswag07 Updated Apr 16

Everyone wants a dominant alpha, right? 

Meet Evan Samuels. He's the alpha of the Sliver Moon Pack. He's not intimidating. But he is shy. He gets picked on, even by his own parents.  

Meet Mia Williams. She's confident and out going. 

What will happen when two different worlds collide? 

Could they survive as mates?

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Yayy!!!Woah..woah woah woah,did you just speak spanish?!Please teach me how to speak spanish,actually my second language is spanish because of my moms side,but since we dont use it,I dont know how to speak spanish,p,ease teach me your ways :3
I like how every one is talking about the father when no one is talking about the mom insisting that two TEENAGERS share a room
Oh sht no way silvermoon this is hella awkward wtf why is my last name a werewolf pack name!?!?
- - Dec 02, 2016
I wish the mate ju ju magic exsisted for humans so I'd run to my mate like that
Kenna032 Kenna032 Feb 11
I'm just like; what the hell just happened?😂 and I'm starting to kinda like it tho
getoutmycar getoutmycar Feb 05
I wish my elder brother would be like that. He's always so serious and barely talks to me.