A King's Desire

A King's Desire

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#3 in Romance [30th October, 2016]

[Mature : R rated] [Indian]

She was his passion, His obsession,His redemption.

And He was the kind of man who wouldn't mind killing thousands of people, just to claim her.


"Let go of me,please." Her voice quivered as she struggled under his steel grip. He was so strong, she could barely move an inch. His lips pressed to her neck and she shuddered,trying to deny the sparks that flew in her.

"The more you deny my little doe, the more I will make you want me." His lips reached her ear lobe, his words like sensual disguised whispers.

"There is no escaping. It's only you and me."


One look, One glance, One smile -was all it took for Maharaja Yuvraj to know that Marah ibn ibrahim Khan,the muslim princess, was who he wanted next to him.

He was addicted and she was his drug. He was a sinner and she was his favorite sin. He was darkness and she was his only light.

Will he be able to claim her soul as he has claimed her body?

ShirshaGanguly ShirshaGanguly a day ago
Avid fan of Ranveer Deepika , love for them love for history DND ur cover alllured me surely gonna read it
great trailer , have read all your updates until now in two days , waiting for your next update
It's mixture of two great movies Baji rao mastani and ram leela
Hello❤️❤️❤️❤️Omg I wish someone taught my Hindi 😭😭😭
WHICH WAY!?! AM I STUCK!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Jk jk I love these kind of stories I bet your book is awesome
Hey if u don't mind i would like to correct you... da grls name has a ibn in it... it shud b bint... coz ibn means son of and bint means daughter of...