Jily Returns (A Harry Potter  Fan Fic

Jily Returns (A Harry Potter Fan Fic

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SilverPelt By Silverpelt67 Completed

What if after the war there was a new prophecy, and certian people come back to life.

How will Harry react to seeing his parent again?

Read this to find out.

All characters belong to the almighty goddess of writing J.K. Rowling not me.

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LilyandJames_Potter LilyandJames_Potter Dec 27, 2017
Actually it said "the last enemy who shall be destroyed is death" or something
                              BUT it is and stays fanfiction but i thought i say it in case you want to know 😘❤❤
SiriuslyAWitch SiriuslyAWitch Sep 02, 2017
I love his songs. I love Peeves in general. He's just so mischievous. 😌
ScarletLilys ScarletLilys Jun 28, 2016
Okay... So I LOVE THIS, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF NO ONE ELSE DOES!! Please update xx
neverland100 neverland100 Jun 30, 2016
Can't wait for the marauders to reunite once again
                              Keep up the good work and if you can please make the chapters a bit long (no pressure)