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Corrupted love (ErrorFresh)

Corrupted love (ErrorFresh)

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DapperBird By DapperBird Updated Dec 25, 2016

(Yes, I know this is a weird ship, but bear with me)

Error and Fresh hate each other with every fiber of their beings. Fresh is annoying and manipulative, and Error is angry and rude. However, when Blueberry leaves the anti-void and the two are stuck together, they realize that the other may not be as bad as they once thought. As the two get closer, they start to form a relationship, but with Fresh's lack of emotions, how long will it last? And what will happen when Fresh does start to feel?

Sparklekitty101 Sparklekitty101 Aug 04, 2016
God I have two friends like this.
                              I'm Blueberry in this situation.
Aristole_Astroid Aristole_Astroid Nov 06, 2016
Fresh that was pretty unrad, broski.
                              I just obtain a new 90s book.
                              It's pretty rad yo
To be honest, if you wanted to improve this maybe instead of calling UnderSwap Sans 'Blueberry,' you used his actual name. Other than that, pretty good so far
Burning_Underground Burning_Underground Jul 04, 2016
This reminds me of something...
                              Okay, I knew it right off. Dippy Fresh! XD
MyPillowIsMagical MyPillowIsMagical Jun 15, 2016
I felt like a lemon needed to be taken place IN FRINT IF BLUEBERRY cause I'm a sinner like dat
Lil_Ink_Demon Lil_Ink_Demon Nov 17, 2016
The first thing that came to mind when reading this number, was THE FRICKEN 90'S!! WOOO!!