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Corrupted love (ErrorFresh)

Corrupted love (ErrorFresh)

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DapperBird By DapperBird Updated Apr 21

(Yes, I know this is a weird ship, but bear with me)

Error and Fresh hate each other with every fiber of their beings. Fresh is annoying and manipulative, and Error is angry and rude. However, when Blueberry leaves the anti-void and the two are stuck together, they realize that the other may not be as bad as they once thought. As the two get closer, they start to form a relationship, but with Fresh's lack of emotions, how long will it last? And what will happen when Fresh does start to feel?

That's what I tell my mom. Then she tells me to name them.....
DIPPY FRESH ALERT I REPEAT DIPPY FRESH ALERT*sirens blare and red lights flash as people give fresh highfives*
Pfffft keep telling yourself that, and your life will be better
RubiBruh RubiBruh Apr 04
Hey bruh calm down, Freshy Fresh didn't do anything to you brah 
                              (Sorry for the bad english)
I just imagined that in a sarcastic voice,
                              Then I imagined it in a sarcastic Blueberry voice
                              Then I realized,
                              How does Blueberry sound when he's sarcastic.
                              Even though I had literally just heard it in my mind.😅
Me when da Husbando do his thing: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!