His Daughter, Dan X Reader

His Daughter, Dan X Reader

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CathyCat By AuntieCathy Updated 2 days ago

Dan Howell and I went out 5 years ago. One day he ran from our relationship and soon after that I found out that I was pregnant. 
Now I have a gorgeous little girl called Kim, an amazing job and a new flat in London. She has always been curious about her dad but I've kept that information a secret. From her and from him. 


"This is my daughter, Kimberly" he said with a wide smile.
"But please, call me Kim!" She smiled at the camera.

im trying not to tear up im supposed to be doing homework oops
Cj_3b3 Cj_3b3 Jun 23
Grandma: Hell no. Kim is giving me the death glare all the time!
                                          The pasttttttt
                              Kim: Tell me who my frolicking dad is or ill, *sharpens blade*
                              I'll do something I don't want to
heccpapi heccpapi Jul 20
my mum had to raise me just after she turned 19 and my sister when she was 22. then out popped number 3 who has always had a dad in her life, unlike me and my other sister O.o
IwasaKitKat IwasaKitKat Aug 31
I haven't started reading yet but I read the description and my heart just warmed up and I had the weirdest smile
i feel the chemicals kicking in
                              (102939309382 points to you if you know this 2010 song i just quoted)
Tbh I would have said yes. Kimberly wants to see her dad so let her. It is important for a kid to know their parents but I also see why I would say no