His Daughter, Dan X Reader

His Daughter, Dan X Reader

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•_• By AuntieCathy Updated 4 days ago

"This is my daughter, Kimberly" I said with a wide smile.
"But please, call me Kim!" She smiled to the camera.


So hello! Just wanna say the first parts are incredibly cringy. So warning! But I'm editing them slowly, I hope one day they won't be as cringe worthy!

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pastelthot pastelthot Jul 20, 2017
my mum had to raise me just after she turned 19 and my sister when she was 22. then out popped number 3 who has always had a dad in her life, unlike me and my other sister O.o
imneveraKitKat imneveraKitKat Aug 31, 2017
I haven't started reading yet but I read the description and my heart just warmed up and I had the weirdest smile
some_say_im_crazy15 some_say_im_crazy15 Dec 04, 2017
It would take a LOT MORE for me to even think about missing that s.o.b if he left me to raise a child on my own.  BITCH I didnt miss that smile because it just reminds me of pure betrayal
-lovsers -lovsers Jul 26, 2017
i feel the chemicals kicking in
                              (102939309382 points to you if you know this 2010 song i just quoted)
S-H-R-E-K S-H-R-E-K Aug 03, 2017
Well that's ok  you didn't have to ask me if i was Ok with it anyways >~>
thixcseavey thixcseavey Jul 22, 2017
My mum raised me at 18 and my dad at 17 
                              And I turned into an Emo teen that sits around on her phone 24/7