The Never Ending Road {Taekook/ChanBaek Mpreg}

The Never Ending Road {Taekook/ChanBaek Mpreg}

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Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook were in a lovable relationship, or at least that's what Jungkook thought.

In reality, Taehyung hated the boy and acted as if he loved him. But Taehyung finally let out his true colors when Jungkook came out with some shocking news.

Taehyung kicked the boy out of their 'shared' home, knowing full well that the boy was pregnant with their own child. But guess what? Taehyung didn't give a slight damn.

Taehyung's dream was to get rid of Jungkook, and now he succeeded.

.Taekook Mpreg FF.


Chanyeol was Baekhyun's husband, but when Baekhyun lost their child in a car accident, Chanyeol kicked out Baekhyun for 'killing' their child.

What happens when Jeon Jungkook and Baekhyun meet?

Min_TA3sthetic_Lee Min_TA3sthetic_Lee Jun 14, 2016
Poor Kookie I wish I was his friend who helps him out Gives him home Second person who found out about him being pregnant so I could help him out 😢😢