The demon released

The demon released

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amberstormcloud By amberstormcloud Updated Jan 24

A year after the death and disappearance of Lucy Heartfilia Scarlet, the guild still hadn't fully recovered. Thy may be the same joyful, happy and destructing guild, but they never felt the same. At any chance, on the way back from missions, information from clients, or Anyang else there could get, they would gather information on their blonde saviour. Some wanted to give her a proper burial, others thought she may still be alive. Some of those being team Natsu, Levy, Gajeel, Panterlily, Mira and Master. 

On the way back from a tiresome mission, they stumble onto a stance area where they cannot use their magic. During investigation, they see two figures in an intense argument. 

What's happened to our wizard's powers?

Could this be a clue to where the friend they miss so much went?

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MidnightCatLover MidnightCatLover May 31, 2017
I've heard of sweat dropping but never swear dropping!! Swear dropping I can do that all I have to do is drop swears right??
                               #¡+!!        £* #@!         $^~¥ #@!
                                   @$%^]!     £\€]^@!!       ^9^%]*¥€@!!
divadrv divadrv Sep 18, 2016
Is it weird that I mentally laugh every time someone says "naked eye" 😂😂😂😂