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I Will Wait For You

I Will Wait For You

3.4K Reads 244 Votes 5 Part Story
Burnin' Chaos By HedgieGirlShadow-Kun Completed

A lone blue hedgehog pup lived his entire life alone on the street. He grew up thinking that people are never to be trusted and that one must always depend on them self for things to work out. Buy happens when said pup is rescued and his entire perspective on life is changed due to this one savoir. And how will the pup react when he is forced to deal with a part of life that he is not prepared for?

Dayan2172002 Dayan2172002 Dec 17, 2016
Awwww oh my god i can imagin shadow and cute baby sonic in his arms
musicmusthace musicmusthace Jun 25, 2016
This story is so cute! About to give me a nosebleed man! :dabs nose with tissue:
Dayan2172002 Dayan2172002 Dec 17, 2016
Oh!!?? Thats sonics true name??? Hahaha its more funnier than ' sonic maurice hedgehog'
Khat_sitt Khat_sitt Jan 05
Awwwwwww so cute *sniff*I thing I am gonna cry*sniff*😭😭😭
BlueVampireAngel BlueVampireAngel Jun 14, 2016
Awww~~ soo cute!! This is an amazing story! I love it! Cant wait to read more~!
PuppyestDSF PuppyestDSF Oct 04, 2016
So..much.. good..detail my teacher would give you 5 jolly ranchers 10 smarties and 100 gums