Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)

Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)

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pai ♡ By jeonwonussi Completed

Everyone adores and loves her..
.. except him.

He is always nice and friendly towards everyone..
.. except her.

He is quite the catch at school and with one look, he can have anyone..
.. except her.



I also posted this story on Asianfanfics with my account jeonwonussi. I'm just informing you guys since I've been getting a lot of messages lately that this story has been plagiarized there, which is a misunderstanding because that is also me.

But if someone else posts this story other than my own account in AFF, or any other site, please let me know. I won't tolerate another case of plagiarism for my works. Thank you.

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gaileyymj gaileyymj Nov 05
Wieeeee..byun baekhyun💖💖💖 kkaebsong.. lav ya 사랑해요
Dillothel1 Dillothel1 Nov 30
Every word I read is now a song reference
                              Mic Drop. Did you see my bag...
Ooooohhhh the plot thickens and the story hasnt took place yet. Already intrigued. (Okay I will cry when I finish this in the next four hours, keep in mind its 1am)
I'm the princess of laziness, btstrashness, umm what could i add?
Dillothel1 Dillothel1 Nov 30
I’m in my 2nd year. Form 2. I got a history and Spanish test tomorrow. Here I am, reading fanfics
Dillothel1 Dillothel1 Nov 30
They’re blind. I’m a potato....not even a potato I’m the sack..