Ansatsu Kyoushitsu -Reader Oneshots-

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu -Reader Oneshots-

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AzureSky15 By AzureSky15 Updated Mar 14

Hey there guys! Been quite a while since I saw this familiar white screen. After watching the anime and reading the manga, let's just say I developed an extreme desire to make a reader oneshot for the entire cast. I won't be taking requests unless it's a matter of dire need to update but I'll be taking into consideration some requests if you ever have suggestions for me.

This is my first time making oneshots so I hope everyone will enjoy them. Lemons, yaoi, and yuri are a big No-No for me since writing them is not my forte so sorry for those expecting them if they pass by my fanfic.

As stated over and over again, THIS IS PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I also do not, I REPEAT do not own any of this (cast and book cover) except for the plots I made up. CREDIT will always go their respective owners. 

So without further ado, let's begin!

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Hm I wonder why she is so good at acting 😹😹😹 A secret past? 😹😹😹
If I ever become a teacher, I will be a shipper. I will matchmake the students no matter WHATTT
Mijaka_me Mijaka_me Jul 08
Somehow, it reminded me of Gakuen alice, that part they did a roleplay and everyone said it was a letdown because Yuri was not the prince and mikan and ruka hahahaha just sayin
Such a very long such a great thing
Amazing! I could see the whole story before my eye. It has torn me completely!
This would be me as a teacher. My first thing to do: ship students together.....