Neighbors ♛ n.h.

Neighbors ♛ n.h.

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[ o n g o i n g ]

"Let's set things straight. No kissing, no hugging, and no dating. If you can't follow those rules, you're out. It's game on, girls." 

Fraternity against sorority.

Boys against girls. 

Friend against friend.

Secrets, betrayals, and lies.

Only one side will come out alive. 

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*vulgar language, sexual harassment, rape, sexual content, and the use of alcohol and drugs are mentioned and displayed throughout the book*

Football as in American Football or like football, football. Because in football,  Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham and other legends wore 7. I just wanted to say this because... I don't know.
judiriordan judiriordan Jul 17
Is the guy named Rob,Brett and Parker the same guy? They all have the same last name and are referred to with the same girl.