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Yandere! Dazai Osamu x Reader (Series)(Smut/Lemon)

Yandere! Dazai Osamu x Reader (Series)(Smut/Lemon)

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Carrot By carrotcakey Updated Apr 02

You signed up to just become a part time intern at this detective agency. That is, until you found out you had an ability like the other detectives. Dazai instantly becomes interested in you. He volunteers to help you out as much as he can and you notice that he's getting increasingly protective of you. It's gotten to the point where he gets angry when you don't contact him within 10 minutes.
Your ability: Execution Aegis (Creates a shield with whatever you're holding, but is only as strong as the material you're using.)

SuicideClaw SuicideClaw Apr 04
Me reading this line "Desai had successfully...
                              Me:  I have to do this
                              Me: Dazai (succ)essfully
I can go wherever the hell I want whenever the hell I want boi
SuicideClaw SuicideClaw Apr 04
It's so ironic considering the manga's and anime's title is
                              BUNGOU STRAY "DOGS"
candelierss candelierss Nov 05, 2016
i am not Chuuya, okay? I'm not his size in order for you to be putting me in your pockets.
flyingcoffehouse flyingcoffehouse Nov 29, 2016
Literally everyone in BSD is good looking like male or female, old or young, can we just talk about that for a moment??
Murasakiii Murasakiii Dec 18, 2016
Look just cuz I'm the same height as Chuuya doesn't mean you can put me in your pocket. I dare you make another short joke and I will castrate you.