Stuck together with PERMANENT GLUE!!!!

Stuck together with PERMANENT GLUE!!!!

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Pratibha By inluvwidEdward Completed

When two best friends get stuck together due to meddling stupidity of their immortal parents and of course the obnoxiousness of their king – the Great Greek God Zeus, all they can do is hope to live through their punishment, without cursing and angering the short tempered Gods more than they already have. 

Yet living the lives of various mortal beings on earth doesn’t seem so bad - as long as they are together!

But nothing lasts forever and as the wicked nymph stirs the pot of her mischief, the balance in Ajax and Agalia’s life is just going to topple all over the place.

Will they get through it without having to give each other up? Or will the circumstances be responsible for them going at each other’s throats with their baseball bats and crowbars drawn?

And most importantly can a sexy guitar player and a sassy girl with violent tendencies be more than just friends? 

Read and find out.

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indigopaw indigopaw Dec 02, 2014
I remember this storyX3 The very first story I ever read on Wattpad
atupoumalohi atupoumalohi Dec 07, 2013
Already lovin' this humorous book...It's a book of humor, right?
doglover06093 doglover06093 Aug 19, 2013
Canaan Canaan Aug 01, 2013
Love this story first readon my first account and now I'm reading it again this story!!!
Allisfinehere Allisfinehere Jul 24, 2012
I think this is the only book on wattpad I've read more than once
TheRavenWritingDesk TheRavenWritingDesk Jul 23, 2012
This is good but you need to check your mythology again because Nike is the goddess of Victory.I'm not trying to come off as rude or anything because I like the story.  :)