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Forgive Me~Tord X Tom

Forgive Me~Tord X Tom

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Zachary Echos By zacaboi Updated Dec 24, 2016

I must tell Tom!!! I really need to tell him something... will he or will he not?! I must know! I will not give up. I know everything about Tom and where he lives and what he does!! I guess I'm a stalker but... I'm not.. I'm just insane!!!! 
So this is a Tord x Tom story. Male x male. Their is blood and fighting and some inappropriate jokes and language and drugs. U have been warned smol child!!! ~Zachary

Majorfangirl24 Majorfangirl24 Jul 14, 2016
Lol the note at the end tho XD anyways... I love this story so far (I'm just attracted to the Tord self harm, I'm so dark XD) I can't wait for the next part! •~• ♡♡♡♡
OneCinnamonRole OneCinnamonRole Jul 13, 2016
It's really good so far! However, a suggestion. You should try to avoid starting every sentence with the same word. It drags it out a bit and makes it repetitive.
                              However, Good job tho! Love it already.
yourlazyauthor yourlazyauthor Jun 14, 2016
Hey so I'm really enjoying the fic so far but maybe have a little trigger warning as it mentions cutting and it wouldn't be very nice for anyone to be triggered but it's fairly well written and I can't wait to read the next chapter once it comes out
Y tha hell are u punching a wall??WHAT DID THE WALL EVER DO TO YOU?!😠😠😠
Lemon already? Damn Satan is coming for my soul tonight (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
shadowsgirl13 shadowsgirl13 Jul 15, 2016
Oh and almost forgot to say make more this story is awesome👍👍😉😉😙😙