A Fight For Yellow [HIATUS]

A Fight For Yellow [HIATUS]

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GreninjasStar By GreninjasStar Updated Oct 27

This will be an iconshipping story.
This will also have some amourshipping in it.

~All credits go to @ashketchumismybf who made the cover for me.~

(I'm very bad with descriptions XD. This is my first story so don't hate plz.)

I'm proud but when I get back on my account I'm doing a 10,000 to 100,000 word part
- - Jun 29
 #JasonApproves 😅 nobody got that GTLive reference did they? Oops. 😰
Y U GOTTA RUIN EVERYTHING BUNEARY im so used to saying Calem or Miette i almost typed their names instead XD
Also, I loved this chapter!! I feel bad for Pikachu though...
hoopa_ hoopa_ Jun 29
Me- *Pushes Serena into Ash* *runs off to challenge gym* 
                              Ash- "w-what was that all about?" *blushing* 
                               Serena- *blushing more* *whispers* "thank you, random stranger!..."
- - Jun 29
A good first chapter length, but it should end up getting longer as you progress, if you really get into it that is. 🍪👍