It's Going To Be Fine || TomTord

It's Going To Be Fine || TomTord

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Wonder Tweek By ClassicStupidTom Updated Nov 06, 2017

After the accident, Tord comes back and asks for forgiveness from Tom, Edd, and Matt.

Matt didn't have a problem with it, because he hardly remembered what happened, it took Edd some thought, but he gave in, and Tom, was very, very reluctant of the offer. Though, Tom accepted it.

Tord was living in Toms small apartment, thanks to Edd, wanting them to become friends and get along, making it even more crowded, but Tord didn't mind, he wanted to see Tom happy.

But, sometimes, people who act happy, will have the worst breakdowns.

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norman_john norman_john Nov 14, 2017
That finger will go right up tords ass. XD CAUSE I AM SHIPPING THEM
coffefee coffefee Dec 18, 2017
how the hell does she know them and how the h e l l does she not notice tord injured
ignoremenowplz ignoremenowplz Dec 15, 2017
Tord could just be holding his robot hand so it would be hands??? But he put it down so..
FanOfFiction1000 FanOfFiction1000 Nov 15, 2017
I mean I did this once. I invited all the girls in my class over to my birthday and after it ended two stayed for a sleepover, one that I hate...... I almost killed her
CosmicSushii CosmicSushii Nov 12, 2017
And the best way to do that is to live together- definitely not gonna turn into a romance or 
                              A N Y T H I N G
ignoremenowplz ignoremenowplz Dec 15, 2017
Wow Matt wow 
                              GET THE MEMORY ERASER GUN SO I CAN USE IT ON MY FRIEND