It's Going To Be Fine (TomTord)

It's Going To Be Fine (TomTord)

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Tords Tooth Gap By ClassicStupidTom Updated Jan 04

After the accident, Tord comes back and asks for forgiveness from Tom, Edd, and Matt.

Matt didn't have a problem with it, because he hardly remembered what happened, it took Edd some thought, but he gave in, and Tom, was very, very reluctant of the offer. Though, Tom accepted it.

Tord was living in Toms small apartment, thanks to Edd, wanting them to become friends and get along, making it even more crowded, but Tord didn't mind, he wanted to see Tom happy.

But, sometimes, people who act happy, will have the worst breakdowns.

Cookiepoptarts Cookiepoptarts Nov 23, 2016 tried.....
                              You failed. But heyy....get this...
                              He wont be at a slumber party with you. IwI (breaks all the mirrors and everything) have fun!!!
commie_tommie commie_tommie Dec 01, 2016
Are gingers dumber than blondes?.....
                              (Not trying to be offensive!)
JlovesGames JlovesGames a day ago
Gosh calm down tom
                              I mean I would've said that to someone I hate ugh no I wouldn't EVEN LET THEM IN MY ROOM
                              (Sry :/. )
KrakenCrackers KrakenCrackers Dec 09, 2016
Oh me Oh my Oh pumpkin pie, sparkles are litteraly protruding from my eyes
SP4C3H34RT SP4C3H34RT 2 days ago
I read that as if he was Scottish because apparently drunk Tom is Scottish
tord_im_sorry tord_im_sorry Dec 22, 2016
You called me trash 
                              Your a very sexy piece of trash