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You Decide || Harry Potter x Reader X Draco Malfoy

You Decide || Harry Potter x Reader X Draco Malfoy

22.8K Reads 752 Votes 13 Part Story
•Andrea• By ThatOneWeirdoAndrea Updated Jan 07

Once she arrives at Hogwarts, Y/N L/N can't help but attract the boy who lived and his rival. Only one will steal her heart but the question is.. Who? This story is.. You Decide.

mabbydoggy801 mabbydoggy801 Dec 03, 2016
                              here is what i think
                              GRYFFINDOR AND RAVENCLAW FOR LIFE!!
Hannah_Hatter Hannah_Hatter Dec 31, 2016
My mum and my sisters are Ravenclaw and my Dad, brother, and Stepdad are all Gryffindor
I'm sorry if you didn't get the houses you wanted guys, but I am a Gryffindor and I know more about Gryffindor characters and the common room than other houses.
SakuraScytheMaster13 SakuraScytheMaster13 Dec 08, 2016
A Gryffindor and Slytherin can get along that well?  Why don't we ever see that in the book series?  EVER!?  
                              Be in Gryffindor btw. It's the best
I'm a stupid optimist aren't I
                              I'm just gonna kill myself now...
JadeEmeraldHeart JadeEmeraldHeart Nov 24, 2016
I've been waiting for this letter for months, finally got it.