Unusually small

Unusually small

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Sparkly Kitten By CeceTheCatGirl Updated Nov 22

This story has Giants in it, so if you like giants. Then this story is for you! And if ya don't like Giants. You can try the story if ya want to, I recommend it, you might like it!

Ashley is the main character, and she lives alone, she's minding her own business. Living her life as best as she can. But one dark and stormy night...(yeah cliché. Deal with it.) that all changes.

It changes her to be...

...unusually small.

yeah find out what happens next on your own...lets-a go! (And read it!)

ponyland123 ponyland123 Oct 25
This really nice for a first chapter on a first book! You should be seriously proud of this👏🏻👏🏻