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Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker

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❤️Klance❤️ By Kitkat4life_2002 Completed

Elsa has always been strange in peoples eyes. She was awkward, quiet, anti-social, weird, and always would hide her beauty. She wore sweaters that were 3 sizes to big, and normal jeans, as her everyday outfit. She never cared about what people would think of her, she never once even felt bad about it. That is until the new boy. He's arrogant, selfish, rude, and mean. He is known as the heart breaker, always breaking little girls hearts, and now he's bored and wants more of a challenge. His new target is nobody but little Elsa. However this relationship is different its more of a game, whoever falls in love first loses.
Will she make this bad boy soft for her, will he break her, or will she play the player?

Find out in 'Heart Breaker'

.... welp you won't be saying anything when she's signing your paychecks *cough*loser*cough*
Well, surprise, surprise! What a way to start a book w/ a beeping sound! Is it a car? 😂
Tbh, you're right. Why even bother wearing revealing clothes? And lmao
Nah, I'd atleast try to make acquintances w/ him if friends doesn't work out
Guess who's reading!!that's right its meeeeeeeeeee haha I hope u don't mind maybe reading my book and commenting on jelsa the wish u don't have to but it'd mean the world to me
8thwonderoftheworld 8thwonderoftheworld Dec 10, 2016
Every time when this happens, the girls at my school gossip too about the guy. While they do that, i am just thinking ,' Now, what's going to be the new ship.'